Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Madness: The Sequel

Posting the Ironman Challenge a few days ago got me thinking about “March Madness” as it pertains to the triathlon season. There’s definitely a buzz in the air this time of year. The temperatures (at least in my neck of the woods) are finally above freezing on a consistent basis, and the days are getting longer. At least locally there’s also the first race of the season, a sprint aptly named the “Icebreaker.” I’m not doing that one, but it definitely makes the season feel more real knowing that a race is less than two weeks away. Hopefully they have good conditions… it could be anywhere from the mid 60’s (16 C), to a late season snow storm. The first feeling of spring in the air has me excited for my own schedule. Like me, a lot of people have either locked down their races and have registered by now or have their schedule at least planned out in their head. In fact, here’s my response when someone tells me that they still have “no idea” what races they’re doing this year.

First up on my schedule is Ironman St. George 70.3 on May 4th, which is creeping up, now just over six weeks away. I’m heading down next week for a few days to see my in-laws and get some training in on the course. The plan is to run the course with my wife on Thursday, create some type of swim challenge for Friday, and ride the bike course on Saturday. If any local readers are also heading down next week let me know!

Here’s how the rest of my race schedule is looking. I've registered for some... for others I haven't yet put my money where my mouth is but I'm planning on them. I usually try for around ten total races in a year, between tris, road races, etc. Two of this year’s races are free, thanks to volunteering at a race last year (Daybreak) and placing top 3 in my age group at another (SOJO). There was definitely an element of luck with that one... I think I finished 25th overall, but somehow managed second in my AG. 

1) IMSG 70.3 – May 4
2) Daybreak (Olympic) Salt Lake area– June 8
3) Provo (Sprint?) – June 22
4) Park City Trail Run (10k) – July 6
5) Echo (Olympic) Park City area – July 13
6) Spudman (Olympic) Burley, ID – July 27
7a) Milwaukee USAT Champs (Olympic) – Aug 10 (at this point a maybe depending on cost, qualification, and a potential family conflict)
7b) Jordanelle (Olympic) Park City area – Aug 17 (if don’t do Milwaukee)
8) Ogden Valley (Sprint) – Sep 14
9) Salt to Saint bike relay – Sep 21
10) SOJO Half Marathon Salt Lake area – Oct 19

It’s crazy that I really only have 4-5 weeks or so before starting my taper for St. George.  I’ve put in some good training, and I’m ready for the distance, but I definitely don’t feel ready to race the distance at this point… hopefully I’ll be inspired over the next few weeks of NCAA March Madness for some madness of my own. Time to get after it!

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