Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Triathlon Science

A few years ago I discovered the "Tri Talk" podcast hosted by David Warden. There were days at work that were agonizingly slow, and David's entertaining style combined with his scientific research greatly assisted in passing the time. I truly owe him some credit for the little sanity that I possess! Ironically after moving out west I learned he lived nearby, and I had the chance to meet him. I’ve since run into him at a couple of races as well. He’s a super fast, but also really nice guy who coaches as part of Joe Friel's (he of Triathlete’s Training Bible fame) company. He mentioned last year that he was co-authoring a book with Friel and other experts, and this week I heard news that it is available to order. 

Here was the email I received from David, and I thought I’d make a plug for it on the blog.

“I am pleased to announce the availability of the book Triathlon Science, edited by Joe Friel and published by Human Kinetics. This 43-chapter volume was written by 21 international experts in their respective fields, representing the definitive academic reference for colleges, coaches, professionals, and dedicated triathletes."

David was one of the largest contributors to the book, authoring Part V: "Training Modes and Methods for Triathletes."

Triathlon Science is available at this link, with an expected ship date of mid-March. 

Check it out!

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