Wednesday, January 9, 2013

USA Triathlon Championships 2013

Having lived in Milwaukee for six years, I was excited to learn a few weeks ago that the Brew City will host the USAT Championships (for sprint and olympic distances) in 2013 and '14.  Most people don’t think of Milwaukee as a thriving metropolis, but I’m here to tell you that it will pleasantly surprise you.  It’s not Miami, and it’s not the big brother to the south (Chicago), but it’s nice... especially in the summer.  My family and I really enjoyed our time there.

not too shabby

We moved from Milwaukee two years ago, and in 2011 I unknowingly signed up for a USAT Regional Championship qualifier (the Echo Triathlon in Coalville, UT).  If memory serves, you had to place in the top 25% of your age group to qualify.  I finished 5th, missing qualification by one spot.  I wasn't really that bummed though, because with family conflicts it wouldn't have been feasible to make it to Vermont, where the championships were held the past two years.

Although I haven’t seen a formal announcement, rumor has it that Echo will once again be a USAT Regional qualifier in 2013.  Last year the Jordanelle Triathlon near Park City was the qualifier, as I was hoping would be the case once again.  That course suits me a little better, with a tough, hilly run on both roads and rocky trails.  Echo has a pancake flat run which
makes the uberbikers hurt a little less.  I raced Echo a 2nd time last year, and despite
improving my time by 3+ minutes from the previous year, I finished 10th in my age group.  I was happy with my effort (~27 min. swim, 20+ mph average on the bike and just over 7 min mile pace on the run), but it was a really strong field.  Had it been the regional qualifier last year I would've come up short.  I'm anticipating an even stronger field this year, but it will be a fun goal to shoot for.  I've been meaning to get back to my old stomping grounds anyways!

come take a dip in Lake Michigan

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