Monday, November 25, 2013

Tri Gratitude

With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner here in the US, here’s my feel good list of stuff I’m grateful for as it pertains to this blog (in no particular order):
My 3-yr old daughter, who still talks about her 200 meter IronKids “race,” and when told “you’re a fast runner!” responds proudly with “yes I ma’am”

The invention of the wetsuit to assist those of us who are natural sinkers as opposed to floaters

On that note, my swim coach Becky, along with a big, convenient pool to splash around in

My wife, who after years of supporting my habit finally realized “if you can’t beat’em, join’em!”

My mistress– uh, I mean Felt B16 (AKA Francesca)

Little kids who stick their hand out to give you five as you run by

Analyzing past race results on boring days

Friends in the sport, including anyone I’ve ever gone for a swim, bike, or run with

Slipping down to the pain cave, especially when my kids are asleep and I’ve got something really entertaining to watch

The love of running I’ve had since a little kid. I remember creating my first training plan in 5th grade, which consisted of running home from school Mon-Fri (1 mi) and to the park and back on Sat (2 miles)

GPS technology: it wasn’t too long ago we had to drive to that park and back to see how far we went!

Past successes & disappointments alike that motivate me in different ways

All the pros, fast amateurs, and companies I’ve interviewed

May 5, 2012 – one of the hardest but most rewarding days of my life. Here's the perspective of a volunteer that day

On that note, all volunteers and spectators… even my brother-in-law, I suppose

My son, who has 1,000x the energy I’ll ever have… I wish I could harness that!

Everyone I’ve personally been privileged to coach in any capacity: past, present, and future

Being a part of Triple Threat!

Post-race euphoria combined with a delicious post-race treat

The mix of camaraderie and competition that makes racing fun

Race directors who make events possible

New race wheels I’ve ordered for 2014

Great routes, roads, and trails to train on

I'm a sucker for a good trail

Future races and goals that get me out of bed on cold mornings

The flyer I saw at Gold’s Gym for the Salem Spring Triathlon in 2003

People who read the blog!

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