Monday, November 11, 2013

Consistency is King!

With my training program for next season officially underway, the motto I'm trying to live by is "Consistency is King." That popped in my head the other day while riding, and I liked it so much I printed it out and taped it in the pain cave.

engraven on the walls of the pain cave
That saying is a good little reminder of what I’m trying to do, in triathlon as well as in life I guess you could say. If I’m not excited to do a workout, it inspires me to do it. If I’m in the middle of a bike ride that’s not going so hot, I look at it and am reminded that I don’t have to be a hero at every workout... just be consistent! Over time, that consistency has and will continue to pay off for me and for you. Living by these words has been a challenge this week due to being sick (my bark is louder than any dog in the neighborhood), but where I can I’ve been trying to at least stick with my routine, getting some light workouts in. Without fail I feel better during and after than I did before.
To all readers out there, I encourage you to shoot for this consistency as well. Don't be that guy who hits the gym hard for a month, only to not set foot in it for the next three! Don't be the girl who goes all out at the aerobics class every 8th week! You know the type, and you get the picture. It’s hard to improve that way. It’s amazing how much having a training program helps keep you on track. As I mentioned in the offseason post (which was also featured on, let me know if you want help setting up a program for yourself. I've written a boatload of training programs in my day, and really enjoy it. 

In summary, as the days get shorter and the desire to shut everything down over the holidays takes its grip, I encourage you to be consistent and get out there. Not perfect. Not a hero. 

Just consistent!

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