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Stryd Review - Running With Power

Professional triathlete and Triple Threat Triathlon friend Guilherme Ferreira Campos has the green light to contribute content whenever he wants... he's wicked fast, very knowledgable, and his reviews are among the most popular posts in our 3+ year history. Here he gives some insight into Stryd: the world's first running power meter. Thanks, G!

Hi friends of Triple Threat Triathlon! It’s always a pleasure to write here and be in touch with you guys!

A couple of years ago I introduced power into my training routine trough cycling. It helped me in many different ways, and when I recently saw the chance to incorporate power to my running as well I got immediately excited about it!

Although the concept is slightly different when we compare power in cycling vs. running, the idea of having a “raw” number I could trust and also correlate to heart rate and pace (the 2 numbers runners use to pace themselves) was a no brainer to start using Stryd right away. Power is a consistent number and it’s not directly interfered with by terrain, wind or climate conditions (heat, humidity etc.) so you can base your training and racing with reliability around it.

In cycling when you read power, the faster or harder you go, more watts you will see. Simple as that! With running your watts also “quantify” your level of effort (easy, moderate or hard) but it can also be used to work on your running form and efficiency. That being said, that’s the main reason anyone could incorporate Stryd to their training whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran runner/triathlete.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the device itself. Stryd is very easy and simple to use as soon as you take it out from the box. It works with any ant+ gps device many athletes already use for running such as the Suunto Ambit 3 or any Garmin XT series watch, and you “plug” the Stryd device on your heart rate strap. The device is light and slick and uses a regular 2032 coin battery that can be easily replaced when necessary.

Check out to learn how to pair Stryd with your gps watch, access the Stryd power center, get information about the Critical Power Test, the Stryd Power Center for workout data and much more!

Once you’re all set up Stryd suggests you find what's called your Critical Power. The test can be done by anyone at your local track and you will need to download the Stryd app (versions for both Android and IOS) and use one of those fitness bands to carry your phone while doing the test. The Stryd phone app “guides” you through the test protocol, and by the end it will not only tell you your Critical Power, but it will determine your power zones as well. Once you know your zones you’re ready to start using it for your recovery runs, intervals, hill reps and play with those numbers!

Science backs up more and more the use of tech tools for sports science and Stryd is definitely a game changer for the running community!

Stryd understands that many questions can come to your mind along the way and they’re always keen to help and give the best possible answers!

You can use the Stryd Club, which is a discussion forum where you have access to a huge data bank about questions and answers from other users and the Stryd staff! You can also join the Stryd Community, a Facebook page dedicated to Stryd users where you all can ask questions and share your experience running with power! That’s a great way not only to get more knowledge but also to get involved with other runners who are using power as well.

It was really cool to get the chance to talk about Stryd here at the Triple Threat Triathlon blog and if you want to follow me go to my Facebook profile and Athlete page.

See you all out there!


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