Monday, August 12, 2013

Triathlon Burn Out

Last week my wife commented that she was feeling "a little burned out" as she's ramped up her training for a half Ironman now only two weeks away. I've felt that before myself, as do many other triathletes. If and when you ever feel that yourself, here are my Top 10 remedies for getting your mojo and motivation back on track:

10) Look back at successes earlier in the season or previous years. Find strength in the hard work you've put in and progress made.

9) Track results of local races not on your schedule. This can help to get the competitive juices flowing.

8) Indulge in a small upgrade... could be something for your bike, new race gear, etc. Even simply cleaning the dirt and grime off my bike strangely makes me want to go ride.

7) Read a triathlon blog such as this one! For example, reading race reports gets me stoked to go train and race myself.

6) On that note I've found it's also effective to go watch and/or volunteer at a race.

don't burn all your matches!

5) Train with other people. Join a Masters swim workout, organized group ride/run, or simply call up a friend.

4) Set or re-set goals for late season races.

3) Take a day off. Last week I set out for a ride, but just wasn't feeling it. I could have powered through, but decided to turn in after 30 min. The next day I was much more refreshed and had a great run workout.

2) Lose the gadgets... no watch, heart rate monitor, etc. Set out for a bike or run just for the fun of it.

1) Get a change of scenery with some new routes. Especially with running, often times I'll drive to a starting point and explore new roads. 

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