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Rudy Project Airstorm Review - Time For An Upgrade?

Although far from a “hoarder,” I have a tendency to hold on to certain things for a very long time. I guess you can say I generally follow the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. I drive a 1995 Honda Accord with 230K miles on it, buy new clothes every decade or so, and have had the same toothbrush since 2002. Ok, that last one’s a lie, but you get the idea.

Speaking of my Accord, I recently discovered just how old it really is. About a month ago I was sledding with my kids and their cousins who live nearby. We were having a blast, when in the blink of an eye I found myself in that dreaded scenario where THE KID HAS TO GO TO THE BATHROOM…. LIKE, RIGHT NOW!! and there are no options in sight. Instincts took over as I sprinted across the snow-covered grass, caught the keys my brother-in-law threw me to his car, and hoisted my son over my shoulder, shuffling up the sled hill like an Eastern European “World’s Strongest Man” competitor running with a tree trunk in his arms.

We hopped in the car (a 2013 model) and I was immediately bewildered. So many features!! I was in awe, and unfortunately was forced to burn precious time figuring out how to A) start the car B) remove the emergency brake, and C) put it in drive. The auto industry has clearly advanced since my ’95 Accord rolled off the lot!

On a smaller scale, this is a good example of what I experienced when comparing Rudy Project’s Airstorm helmet to the "little red riding hood" helmet I’ve had since 2004. That year was my 1st full season as a triathlete, and I didn’t have a clue. To give you a visual, I was “that guy” flapping around in a t-shirt and running shorts on the bike. Over time I gradually upgraded my bike, apparel, pedals, wetsuit, etc, etc… so why did it take me so long to upgrade my every day training helmet?

I have no choice but to plead ignorance.

Here are the key features I've noticed after many rides and directly comparing the Airstorm to my mid-2000’s model.

Ventilation: the Airstorm can be thought of as "air flow," with 24 vents vs. 13 on my old one, a huge front vent to draw fresh air into the helmet, and 6 rear vents (vs. 2 small ones), that allow heat to escape.

Sex Appeal: it's simply a much cooler design... I find it very attractive.

Manufacturing: a significant upgrade across the board, from the protective foam to the outer shell; Rudy Project prides itself on using "the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to create lightweight, comfortable and extremely functional helmets," and that is evident from my comparison.

Adjustability: the dial on the back is a great feature, allowing to easily tighten or loosen with one hand even while on the go. For mountain bikers it comes with a removable visor, which when removed leaves a much "cleaner" look than the visible holes in my old oneIt also has two removable and washable interchangeable paddings (including one with an insect net).

Comfort: the double padding is great compared to my old worn down pads, in addition to a little pad on the chin strap, which is a nice feature to avoid rubbing. It weighs in at 290g compared to 312g to boot.

In summary, the Airstorm is a high-quality helmet for every day use. It retails for $175, in my opinion a good value for what you get. If you're in need of an upgrade yourself, keep in mind you can save 25% through the banner ad on our site.

To learn more about the technical aspects of the Airstorm, visit 

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  1. Thanks for the article. Can you post a couple of pics - front, side, back - wearing the helmet? There are only a few reviews on it out there and very few good pics of it on a person from good angles. I'd like to see how it sits on the head.