Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Grip It & Rip It

With triathlons now dotting the calendar nationwide, it's been a busy past two weeks of racing for our team. In an attempt to jokingly motivate those racing, I recently posted a clip from the old classic Zoolander, in which the male model known as Hansel says "For me it's just the way I live my life, I grip it and I rip it... it's how I gotta be." 

It's also how you gotta be on race day! No formal race report from my local race, but here are some pics I thought I'd share. Thanks to our sponsors for their support!

first race in the Roka Maverick Elite... huge upgrade

love my Rudy Wingspan

official time 1:11:36
was fortunate to eke out 1st out of 43 in my AG

Paralympian Chris Hammer took the overall win... this guy is incredible

my good bud and impromptu photographer Russell... thanks man!

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