Monday, February 9, 2015

Patriots, Pizza & Perry: My Super Bowl Workout – Rob Forshaw

Coming from a football background it is no surprise that I’m a big football fan. Being from New England it is even less of a surprise that I am a DIE HARD Patriots fan. All throughout the fall and winter, Sunday is a day dedicated to the build up of watching the Patriots play and enjoying a cold brew. This season has been quite a roller coaster for the Pats, ranging from talks of Tom Brady being washed up to footballs being allegedly deflated. When the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl I thought it would be a fun experiment to see what my heart rate is like throughout the game. However, being a triathlete this would need to be structured like a good old interval workout!

Warm-up: 30 minutes
My warm up was pretty simple: ensure I was properly hydrated and take the time to focus on my nutrition. Proper nutrition and hydration for the Super Bowl of course is a good pizza and a pale ale (or two).

Interval 1 - aka 1st quarter
The 1st quarter was a lot like the start of a triathlon. Both teams came out full speed looking like they wanted to make the lead pack in an open water swim. As the white wash of the 1st quarter ended the score was 0-0. Through this first quarter my heart rate stayed relatively low with an average heart rate of 85 BBM and a max of 109 BBM.

Interval 2 - aka 2nd quarter
This is where things really started to heat up and I started to get the heart pumping. The Patriots scored first and naturally my heart rate spiked up. The quarter, however, was up and down and ended in a 14-14 tie as the Seahawks had a late second quarter touchdown. Needless to say I could not wait for this quarter to end… my heart rate was getting elevated and I knew I needed a good recovery. Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitiz and Missy Elliot did the trick (editor’s note: whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up a minute... Katy Perry lowered your hr??) . Average heart rate for the 2nd quarter was 97 BBM with a max of 117 BBM.

these great whites reported an elevated heart rate, dizziness, and shortness of breath

Interval 3 - aka 3rd quarter
Things began to get really interesting during this interval set. My emotions physically and mentally were all over the place. I was confident in my team but in the 3rd quarter they did not produce. Seattle scored a field goal on their first drive of the quarter and the Patriots offense was sputtering. This quarter was like the first part of the run in a triathlon for the Patriots. They felt really good through the swim and bike and were set up for victory, but the hard efforts on the bike took too much and they ran right into a wall. My heart rate went into the wall at about the same time, averaging 101 for the quarter with a max rate of 121.

Interval 4 - aka 4th quarter

They say the run of a triathlon is where the race really begins, and in the 4th quarter the Patriots were in full race mode. They were racing the clock to come back from a 10 point deficit. After a 3 and out possession by both New England and Seattle, the Patriots got the ball back with a 10 point deficit and 12 minutes left in the game. Tom Brady and the gang didn’t go “Beast Mode” but instead went Mirinda Carfrae mode, catching up and eventually taking the lead with two minutes left.

My heart rate was pretty elevated from the Patriots hard efforts, averaging 105 BBM to this point in the quarter. Seattle took the ball back and I was seeing flashbacks to past Super Bowls with the Patriots losing. I began to envision the Patriots being Mark Allen in 1987, having a lead but with too much time left, allowing Dave Scott (aka Russell Wilson) to come back and win.

But this of course did not happen… with 30 seconds left and the Seahawks on the 1 yard line a simple run by Marshawn Lynch would have most likely sealed the deal and the Seahawks would have won. Instead, Wilson drops back and attempts a pass to Ricardo Lockette, and the unknown cornerback Malcom Bulter intercepts the ball and the Patriots win! Super Bowl Champions baby!!! My heart rate spiked up to 160 BBM and I was on cloud 9… it was euphoria, similar to the feeling I get when I complete a big race.

                                      If above gif not working you can check it out here

Watching the game really was inspiring. Two teams putting 110% into the task at hand. It really made me look forward to this upcoming triathlon season. It is always incredible seeing a goal get accomplished, and the Patriots winning the Super Bowl reminded me of the job I will have to do to accomplish my own season goals. With that being said I am off to the pool to get my yards in!

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