Monday, November 10, 2014

Triple Threat Triathlon & The Terrible Two's

Triple Threat Triathlon has officially reached the "terrible 2's." One day we were just learning to walk, and now we're splashing around in the pool, riding without training wheels, and running around the neighborhood. My how far we've come!

In the very first post I said “I hope you find a good mix of race reports, practical advice, attempts at humor, etc.” 

Well, as I did last yearlooking back on the past 12 months here are a few of the more popular posts within those categories:

Practical Advice:
Attempts at Humor:

Race Reports:
So many high traffic team ones this year, I couldn't choose... here's one that I wrote, then search by the label "race reports" at the end of the post to check out various IM, IM 70.3, and others.


Thanks for your support!

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