Monday, November 24, 2014

Triple Threat Resolutions: From the Desert

Although we're still in November, it's definitely not too soon to begin thinking about goals for 2015. Kristen Lodge (AZ) kicks off part I of a multi-post series on resolutions for the coming year. I find it very inspiring to not only set goals for myself, but to support others in achieving their own as well.

New Year’s Resolutions - The Triathlon Version

I’ve been a triathlete for 10 years now. I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t know how to do a flip turn because I’ve read articles that in a race, there are no flip turns. It has given me license to not ever learn. I remember about 4 years ago I asked my swimmer/triathlete friend to help me; it was hopeless. I swallowed and snorted water and we never talked about it again.

In the YMCA pool in Northwest Tucson I envy the swimmers who do flip turns.

There are all levels of flip-turners; some don’t look great but at least they are doing it. Once there was a pro triathlete swimming in the lane next to me and I watched in envy as he did flip turn after perfect flip turn.

This year: I will learn how to flip turn even if I have to hire a professional such as Joleen White – I will.

Another New Year’s resolution is actually studying my downloaded GPS data.

Once in a while I look at it but in 2015 I will have the perfect GPS: The Suunto Ambit3. Once this is on my wrist I will study data and make training decisions based on it. I will download, analyze, and of course, share on social media; lol.

My third and final triathlon New Years’ Resolution: I will be consistent.

I think consistency has been my nemesis. I want to do everything: trail run, mountain bike, road run, road bike. In 2014 I would go weeks without biking since I was training for a marathon. Or I’d not swim if I didn’t have a triathlon in a few months. Regardless of past indiscretions in 2014, I will be a consistent triathlete in 2015: swimming, biking, and running all year!

My 2015 Goal: To finish Ironman Texas in 12 hours or less because consistency is my new manta, I am efficient in the pool with my flip turns, and I know my data.

Happy Early New Year!


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