Monday, November 17, 2014

TruSox Review for Running

Now that our team has had a few months to properly test out TruSox, I thought I'd reach out to a few teammates to get their thoughts on this innovative company & product.

"Love my TruSox. They perform in humidity especially. It's been so humid in Tucson and I never slide. I love the feel wearing them. I wear them running on trail and road and road biking. I highly recommend for comfort and stability."

Kristen Lodge
- Arizona

"Ran 1hr yesterday in the pouring rain on a wet track. Hit my intervals on 4x800s: 3:02, 2:50, 2:35, 2:23. Socks felt GREAT. No slipping at all... even soaked they felt grippy. No chafing or blisters either. Stoked to wear them on my next hilly trail run. MAHALO!"

David Wild - Hawaii

"When you start to really think about socks, you realize there's a lot more going on than typically gets paid attention to. For instance, there's moisture retention, heat dissipation, chafing, blisters, fit.... come to think of it, socks are pretty important. If I don't wear them - as I usually don't for sprints, 20% of the time I will come away with a blister. Along come TruSox. These guys think socks. The premise of the idea is that your socks are slipping around inside your shoe, and you're losing grip and expending unnecessary energy because of it.

The simplest way to summarize running in them? They WORK. My first run in them felt like the easiest run I'd been on in a while, but I was moving. I was worried they were going to be hot, but they were not. I'm pretty amazed by this pair of socks. They were all over the place in the latest World Cup, and I get why. They WORK. You need these socks!!"

Dave Fisher - Connecticut

My own review is these are hands down the coolest socks I own. For sports that require a lot of lateral movement, such as basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, etc, TruSox are a no brainer... like Dave said, there's a reason they were the hottest thing at this year's World Cup.  They also work for running, giving you the sensation of "propelling" you forward as you go. Keep TruSox in mind if you're looking for a unique gift for an athlete in your life, and make sure to add them to your own Santa wish list as well!

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