Friday, January 3, 2014

Now The Year's New

"Now the year's new. I lay my game flat. I want my spot back, take two!" 

It's kinda weird, but that line from the late Notorious B.I.G. often pops in my head on January 1st... the next line, if I recall, is riddled with obscenities, but this one is mildly inspiring.

Now the year's new. A fresh start!
Yes, it’s that time of year again, time to set resolutions that most will quickly abandon. It’s always kinda funny to me how packed the gym parking lot is in January, only to taper back to its normal level by mid-February. But triathletes aren’t “most people”… we may have our flaws, but for the most part, we follow through! Like I did last year, I pulsed some blog followers on their goals for 2014.

“More fruits and veggies, less nachos and beer”
“Average 30k running a week, up from 20-25k last year"
“Set new prs [personal records] in the pool for 100m, 200m, 400m, and 800m”
“Qualify for the Ironman 70.3 champs at Mt. Tremblant!”
“sub 3 hours at an olympic tri”
“Move up 20 spots in my age group at [Rev3] Quassy”
“beat my friend Brooke, who gets me every time by 1-2 min!”
“Be on the [age group] podium at three local races"
“top 50% of the field at [Ironman 70.3] Steelhead”
“become an Ironman”
“Beat my 2013 times on same courses”
“No walking at [Ironman 70.3] Oceanside”
“Lock down my nutrition strategy.. bonked bad at Lake Placid last year”
“sub 23 min 5k”

“Knock an hour off last year’s time at Ironman Louisville”

“Swim at least 5000 meters per week”
“beat my dbag coworker”
“Top 25% overall at Wildflower”
“Sub 6 hr at half iron distance”
“learn how to swim!”
“Push myself harder on the bike and still run well”
“swim strong and calm in open water”
“PR at the 70.3 distance (5:30) and half marathon (1:59)”
“Lose 15 lbs”
“Do my first Olympic distance”
“go under 12 hours at Ironman Texas”
“Complete 10 workouts per week: targeting 2S, 3B, 4R, 1 weights”
“Improve my biking!!!”

Whatever your own resolution may be, go after it... this is your year!!

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