Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Training in Tucson

Arizona is a popular training location for triathletes, especially during the frozen tundra experienced in other states. Tucson is the winter home to well-known professionals Maik Twelsiek and Hillary Biscay, for example, as well as rock star Triple Threat team member Kristen Lodge. Kristen graciously put this summary together, and if future travels take you to Tucson, start here!

Winter Training in Tucson and Places to Eat in Tucson - Kristen Lodge

This year, 2014, is my second winter in Tucson. I love that I can ride my bike every day, if I want to. Tucson has some of the best road biking with excellent bike lines on many streets, several bike groups that let anyone join (as long as you follow their rules), and a bike path loop that gets you out of traffic. Now that I’ve been in Tucson for just about two years, I’m learning some great bike loops for long rides, for hill climbs, and every combination of flat, fast routes with a little climb. I also know great places to eat post-ride, pre-ride, or to carbo load before a race

climbing Mount Lemmon

Here are my top places to meet cyclists in Tucson for rides. And, where you can get some caffeine and food to fuel up for your ride in the desert:

  - A great place to eat before and after biking Mount Lemmon
Bread and Beyond a typical cyclist meeting spot on Ina and Oracle
Noble Hops in Oro Valley - the best post-ride beers with a view, in my humble opinion

Here are links to resources for planning a winter training week (or more) in Tucson:

Saguaro National Park
Visit Tucson
Gratsy Training
Tucson Velo
GABA Tucson

If you are looking for some trails to run, Tucson has spectacular mountains surrounding the area. Any trail that you can hike can easily turn into a breathtaking trail run.

Email or message me on Facebook or Twitter if you are heading to Tucson and have questions or need more suggestions for rides, runs, or food in Tucson!



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