Friday, June 7, 2013

Back in the Game

I’m finally racing tomorrow after what feels like an eternity since IMSG 70.3. I’ve been itching to race for the past couple weeks, and am really looking forward to it. I'm doing the Daybreak Triathlon, a local Olympic distance race. It's a much smaller event than SG was, but should still be a good time. The swim at this race is pretty unique, taking place in a man-made lake that consists of various channels. It’s a point-to-point course that gets really narrow in some spots, with a time trial start (one after the other, time started based on your chip) to avoid traffic jams. 

The bike is short of a true Olympic distance at only 20+ miles, but has some big climbs which will be interesting. The run consists of two laps on a trail system that circles the lake, virtually pancake flat but a little long. In my last race I experienced a couple of miscues, one being totally my fault (swim start) and the other being somewhat out of my control (flat). In the back of my mind I’m worried that something will happen again, but I’m trying to block that out and focus on just racing hard & having fun. I’ve tried to remind myself that few races go 100% according to plan... the triathlon gods love to throw curveballs. That said, hopefully I only get “hanging curves that I can hit out of the park as opposed to something filthy like this.

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