Friday, January 18, 2013

The Double Decker

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I lived in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin for several years (2005-2010).  I’ve experienced cold.  I know what it feels like.  I’m not like someone in LA complaining about having to put on a jacket.  Well anyways, lately it’s been downright cold.  I saw on the news the other day that we had the coldest recorded temperature since 2004 at -5 F  (-20 C). There’s also a bunch of snow and ice on the roads and sidewalks.  Last but not least, the air quality has been bad, as we’re going through a period they call “inversion,” where smog gets trapped in between the mountains.  All in all, not ideal conditions for running outdoors.

That said, I just can’t get myself to run on a treadmill.  I really despise them.  We have one in our pain cave, and yet I’ve used it maaaybe four times in the past four years.  I’d say two of those times I was home "babysitting" while my kids were asleep and my wife was out of the house.  The other two I succumbed to pouring rain and windy conditions.  My wife loves the treadmill, using it at least 3x a week.  I somewhat enjoy riding indoors on the trainer, but for some reason I just can’t stand running indoors.

With temperatures hovering in the single digits, this week I achieved a new personal record for clothing worn during a run.  I’d never before run with three long-sleeve shirts on, but it was quite effective.  I also experimented with something I’ll call the “double decker,” which is wearing a tight-fitting beanie underneath a bigger, more loose-fitting one.  It too was quite effective.  Despite being in the Rockies I decided against extra gloves, and had my regular running pants.

baby it's cold outside

I thought for sure I’d be plenty warm or even too hot once I got going, but I never really was.  It was juuust right.  At one point I took off my second hat, but upon turning into the wind a few minutes later it went right back on.  While I’m happy to have discovered these methods, Mother Nature could you please turn up the heat just a few degrees?  Appreciate it.

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