Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Whining

The cold, freezing rain, ice, and inversion have started to wear on me a bit this week.  I don’t mind the temperature so much, but my motivation to get out and breathe this air has been waning.  I’m no meteorologist, but I’m told it will stick around until a storm, winds, or warmer temperatures come through to clear it out.  It’s weird to say, but it makes you think about what the “healthier” choice is: going for a run in this garbage or staying inside on your butt!  Overall I’ve been running a bit less than usual, but have been trying to make it up with some other forms of winter training.  I’ve played a little basketball over the past month or so and went skiing this past week, which was awesome.  Being up above the cloud of pollution, you could literally look down on it hovering in the valley.  I also recently bought a few weights that I’ve sprinkled into my training.  A non-triathlete friend of mine raves about Crossfit.  It looks cool, but I just don’t think I could fit it into my schedule (I do know some triathletes who swear by it).  According to some bush league website called “Wikipedia,” a guy named Greg Glassman founded Crossfit in 2000.  I’m calling BS on that.  We all know that Rocky Balboa initiated the movement in the mid-80’s while training for his title bout with Ivan Drago.  Sure, the specific exercises might be different, but Glassman clearly engaged in some blatant copying.

Here’s some footage of Rocky's pioneering techniques in action.  As for myself, I’m gonna stop my winter whining, watch this a few times, and get out for a run!

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