Saturday, March 19, 2016

March Madness: 4th Annual Ironman Challenge!

So, you had Michigan State winning it all, did you??

Take comfort in the fact that the 4th Annual Triple Threat Triathlon Ironman Challenge has no winners or losers. You are guaranteed to win your league!

Check out the 2013 post to get some details, but the instructions are pretty simple:

Given the option of two races, which would you choose? Assume money is no object. Also assume zero travel time... a snap of the fingers and you're checking in at the race site. There are no seeds (races in random order), nor right or wrong answers. Just pick the race you'd rather do, for whatever reason. I know there are lots of great races outside of the Ironman brand, but let's face it, they have the most!  

For this year, the focus is on Ironman 70.3 races (1.2 mi swim, 56 mi bike, 13.1 mi run). We've also made it simple with the naming... for example Pucon 70.3 is in Chile. For purposes of the bracket, it's just "Chile 70.3." That way you know where the host country is without having to look a bunch up. The only exceptions to this are races with a long history in the US, such as Eagleman 70.3 in Maryland, Oceanside 70.3 in California, etc.

It's amazing how truly global this sport is.

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