Wednesday, March 23, 2016

4th Annual Ironman Challenge: Part II

I sat down for a few minutes tonight to fill out my own Ironman Challenge bracket... as a reminder, the criteria is simply to picture yourself at both races and answer the question "which one would you be more excited to be at?" 

I recommend just going with your gut feel... no real logical thinking required, just your instincts will do. The one exception for myself was Rio de Janeiro 70.3. My first instinct was to advance it in its Final Four matchup over Lanzarote 70.3. However, my logical brain kicked in when it dawned on me that I'd prefer not to get the Zika virus (if I have a choice).

Ultimately my champion this year is Lanzarote... part of the Spanish-owned Canary Islands, it's a beautiful part of the world in addition to having a notoriously challenging Ironman course. After conquering this beast I would surely lounge on the beach and watch the waves roll in.

Who do you have??

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