Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pre-Race Check In: Ironman Boulder

Last week was Chad Zeman (North Carolina) at Ironman Lake Placid, and this week it's Katie Foster (Nebraska) at Ironman Boulder! Our team will be sending her positive race vibes from around the country, and I'm personally stoked to have a front row seat to cheer her on (as my wife is also racing). Our families met up for dinner last night, where in between bites of pasta I conducted a brief pre-race check in.

So how are you feeling?

I'm excited, but also paralyzed with fear!

You've got quite the support crew here... what does each bring to the table?

Well, Sean is the leader of the pack. One of his more difficult responsibilites is attempting to keep the reins on the rest of the crew.

Tess (10) and Layla (5) are High Five specialists and master cowbell ringers on the course. They really know how to ring that cowbell. Side note: Tess also earned extra credit for wearing a Triple Threat shirt, something even I failed to do last night!

Luca (8) was enthralled in his electronic device and failed to give an adequate response when asked what he brings to the table... However, I'm sure he plays an integral role as well.

How has your training gone?

I feel really good about it. There's nothing more I could have done given the resources and responsibilities I have. It's flat in Nebraska, so the climbs are going to be a challenge, in addition to the altitude. I'm just going to go out and have fun. I've worked hard and Sean's worked hard to allow me to do this race... everybody's sacrificed, so I'm just gonna go out and give 100%.
You've mentioned making some nutrition mistakes at Ironman Coeur d'Alene a couple years ago. What will you do differently this time around?

I've focused a lot on my nutrition, and the use of Hammer products has made a big difference. I was feeling good at CDA, and was taking salt tablets one at a time as part of my nutrition plan. Then I just lost my head... I had a total brain freeze and started popping 4-5 at a time towards the end of the bike. My thinking at the time was "I'll need this for the run," but it was a big mistake that hurt me later on.

What's your strategy for the race?

My general strategy for Ironman is to not go faster than I'm "comfortable." Part of that is fear that I'll bonk, or that I won't be able to finish. I'm going to feel uncomfortable no matter what, but I want to be disciplined with my pacing and enjoy the day.

Thanks Katie, and best of luck tomorrow!!

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