Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tour of Sufferlandria 2015

The Sufferfest's annual "Tour of Sufferlandria" kicked off yesterday, with several Triple Threat Triathlon team members taking part. Here Chad Zeman (Rhode Island) gives a nice overview of an event that race director Grunter von Agony once described as being “carefully balanced between agony, misery and despair."

You may have recently read my review of Nine Hammers from The Sufferfest and may have even purchased a video or two since. Starting on January 24th, the Tour of Sufferlandria takes riders through 9 stages consisting of a total of 12 videos. Let’s check out the course, how it works, and how to participate in the social aspect of the tour.

Continue reading Chad's tour summary here!

It's technically not too late to participate, but whether or not you do, check out
The Sufferfest's training videos. Get off the couch and start your training!

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