Monday, December 1, 2014

Triple Threat Resolutions: From the Igloo

Arizona and Alaska may be polar opposites in terms of climate, yet the power of setting goals in this sport is the same no matter where you live. Whereas Kristen Lodge drew her 2015 goals in desert sands last week, here Joleen White chisels her own in Anchorage ice.

2015 Goals & Plan

I turned 40 in 2014- and everything I have been told about training, injuries, nutrition, etc. is all coming to fruition and not in the best way! The past couple of years I have considered my goals but not written them down. I believe my lack of follow through has taken me on a repetitious cycle, one that I would like to change! So I am writing my goals as a focal point for myself- and to keep my eye on the prize…

My 2015 race plan:

1. Get more 5k races in throughout the year, as well as TT’s & Hill climb bike races (May-September)
2. May- Gold nugget sprint triathlon
3. June- Eagle river sprint triathlon, Boise 70.3
4. July- ??
5. August- Lake Stevens 70.3

I would like to get two Ironman 70.3 races in this summer; Lake Stevens is easy to get to from Alaska and a beautiful course, and Boise is our team’s “Western Regional” event for 2015… I have also had Leadman on my calendar for 3 years but never made it, maybe this year??

  • Get my 500 swim time down to a 6’30  (editor’s note: daaaamnnn, girl!)
  • Get my Sprint tri time between 1’00-1’10 finish time
  • Break 5’20 Half Ironman*
*This means I need to get my half marathon time down to a 1’45. I am a strong runner, but tend to get into a rhythm and have a hard time keeping the tempo up.
  • Average 20+ MPH on my bike TT

The next 6 months is about:
  • Continue swim focus, communicate with coach
  • The gym: lifting and working core- keep a strong back this year
  • Keep focus on bike trainer throughout winter months
  • Getting my running mileage up and keeping it there
  • Getting lighter- which means less cheeseburgers and pizza (my weakness)
  • Staying injury free- listening to my body
  • Finding balance between training and family

I am training to my own schedule, so I hope that I am keen enough to meet these goals. More than anything, I am tired of feeling defeated. When I look at the end of each season I see what I intended to do and what I really did. I want more than anything to look back at my goals and see that I did the work- because I know if I do I could have one heck of a season!

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