Thursday, December 11, 2014

Triple Threat Resolutions: From the Big City

Over the past two weeks we've heard from two Triple Threat team members on the subject of 2015 goals... one from the deserts of Arizona and another jokingly "from the igloo." Next up is Sean McLean, representing Pennsylvania on our national team and residing in the metro Philadelphia area.

2015 Resolutions – Sayonara to the BOP*

As the resident Slow Dude™ on the team, with just a few triathlons under my belt – my goals for 2015 are pretty clear – get faster. Same goal as everyone else, right? I’m going with a two-pronged approach this year, both driven by consistency.

Training Consistency

Swimming: I can swim for a long time, really slowly. I’m finally going to bite the proverbial bullet and pay attention to swim training advice – as soon as I can decipher the workouts and learn how to use a pace clock! More intervals, more sets, and swimming more than twice a week. I’ll be spending lots of quality time at the pool with my new ROKA Sim suit this winter. 
I’m planning to pick up a wetsuit from ROKA as well, so I can stop giving up ‘free’ time. I'm also hoping to have a chance to do some open water swimming during the spring, and avoid having my first open water swim of the year be during a race.

Cycling: Before I took up running, riding a bike was the only athletic thing I was quasi-good at (take that with a giant grain of relativity). Trouble with applying that to triathlon for me was two things: 1. Sporadic event-specific training, and 2. Being afraid to over-bike a segment, which might net me a few minutes but hurt my already sub-par running. I’m starting structured indoor bike training now in order to have a solid base when the weather warms up again. I also bought a bike computer so I can see how fast I’m going, keeping me honest during my workouts when I can get back outside.

Running: I only started running a few years ago, so naturally I’ve got tons of room to improve. I have made some significant strides since I first started running, but year after year the progress I’ve made into the fall has vanished over the winter as I neglected the sport out of my loathesome relationship with treadmills and cold air. Not this year. I’ve invested in some proper cold-weather running gear, and I’m determined to start the spring running season in shape, rather than just starting up again. I’ve also finally invested in a ‘serious’ triathlon watch – the Suunto Ambit3. I'm looking forward to more structured workouts and making sure I’m keeping within the pace and HR parameters that will help me improve.

Nutritional Consistency

I'm really good at losing weight. I’m equally good at gaining weight. Coupled with not taking this winter ‘off’, I’m really going to focus on the nutritional side of things, and see if I can keep my weight chart from looking like a sine wave in 2015.

2015 Race Plans (so far)

TriRock Philadelphia (Sprint)
New York City (Olympic)
Atlantic City (International)

Road Races
Broad Street Run (10mi)
Philadelphia Half Marathon
Handful of Local 5/10Ks 

Tough Mudder? (would be #3 for me)

*For those unfamiliar with the BOP acronym, Sean is referring to "Back of the Pack"

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