Monday, October 13, 2014

Kona Recap

Here's a quick summary of the World Championships. By all accounts it was one of the hottest and windiest days they've had in a while, and many of the big names struggled. That said we still had two great races with very well-deserving champions Sebastian Kienle and Mirinda Carfrae.

Men's Top 10

1) Sebastian Kienle  (Germany) - 8:14:18
     Made it look easy, taking over on the bike and never looking back. Dominant.

2) Ben Hoffman  (USA) - 8:19:23
     Wow!! No one expected The Hoff to be up this high. Incredible performance.

3) Jan Frodeno  (Germany) - 8:20:32
     Overcame a flat and a cheap 4 min. drafting penalty to have a stellar race. One to watch for sure.

4) Andy Potts  (USA) - 8:21:38
     Awesome performance, highest he's placed at the World Championships.

5) Cyril Viennot  (France) - 8:22:19
     I wouldn't recognize this guy on the street. A surprise, but well deserved.

6) Nils Frommhold  (Germany) - 8:22:29
     Barely know this name. Maybe I should learn more about him now.

7) Tim Van Berkel  (Australia) - 8:23:26
     Ditto. Surprising how many of the big names struggled on Saturday.

8) Frederik Van Lierde  (Belgium) - 8:24:11
     Last year's champ was in 3rd for much of the race and went for the win before faltering late.

9) Bart Aernouts  (Belgium) - 8:28:28
     Another surprise, to me at least. Nicely done.

10) Romain Guillaume  (France) - 8:30:15
      See #7

Women's Top 10

1) Mirinda Carfrae  (Australia) - 9:00:55
     Ran a 2:50 marathon to win from almost 15 min down. She never ceases to amaze!!

2) Daniela Ryf  (Switzerland) - 9:02:57
     If only Ironman were a mile or two shorter...  led the lion's share of the race.

3) Rachel Joyce  (UK) - 9:04:23
     For a while it looked like she would be the one to run her way to the win.

4) Jodie Swallow  (UK) - 9:10:19
     Was steady all day but never really in striking distance for the win.

5) Caroline Steffen  (Switzerland) - 9:12:43
     Was surprised to not see her at the front during the bike.

6) Julia Gajer  (Germany) - 9:16:58
     Don't know much about her, besides she's fast.

7) Liz Lyles  (USA) - 9:18:11

8) Gina Crawford  (New Zealand) - 9:19:21
     She's been on my radar a bit since I watched her win Ironman Wisconsin a while back.

9) Mary Beth Ellis  (USA) - 9:20:46
     Pocket rocket was in the mix for the lead through much of the bike.

10) Liz Blatchford  (UK) - 9:23:34
       The only positive point scorer (2 pts) I had for our team's Kona Fantasy game. Appreciated!

Fastest Swim Splits:  Andy Potts (50:56),  Amanda Stevens (54:25)
Fastest Bike Splits:  Sebastian Kienle (4:20:46),  Daniela Ryf (4:54:33)
Fastest Run Splits:  Ivan Rana (2:44:38),  Mirinda Carfrae (2:50:27)

My boy Filip raced his heart out but it just wasn't enough, getting 31st with a 9:10:57. Don't worry we'll get'em next year, bud.

Lastly, here were the results of our team's Kona Fantasy game by state. The point system is simple, feel free to contact us if you're interested in the specifics. I thought it was really fun.

  1. Wisconsin  (Erin)  56 
  2. Connecticut  (Dave)  54
  3. Florida  (David)  28
  4. Alaska  (Joleen)  24
  5. Hawaii  (D Wild)  20
  6. Ohio  (Sandy)  16
  7. Utah  (Jackie)  10
  8. Illinois  (Ryan)  6
  9. Oregon  (Jeff)  4
  10. Washington DC (Russell)  0
  11. Kansas  (Reece)  0
  12. Indiana  (Amy)  -2
  13. Maryland  (Matt)  -10
  14. Washington DC  (Emily)  -10 
  15. Arizona  (Kristen)  -10
  16. Colorado  (Stewart)  -18
  17. Utah  (Collin)  -18
  18. North Carolina  (Tori)  -20
  19. Virginia  (Gina)  -32
  20. Connecticut  (Eric)  -38
  21. Pennsylvania  (Sean)  -40
  22. Texas  (Brian)  -40
  23. Massachusetts  (Mike)  -40  

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