Friday, December 27, 2013

Unexpected Inspiration

For years I've seen ads for Road ID, often stuffed in the pre-race swag bag of coupons and goodies. They usually have Craig Alexander standing there sporting his, with a saying like "Husband. Father. Professional Triathlete... It's Who I Am."

Crowie gives a little more insight on the Road ID website:

Q: "Why do you wear Road ID?"
Craig"At home, I have a wife and two children who count on me and worry about my safety while I’m 'at work.' I think it's important to do whatever I can to give them the peace of mind that if something was to happen, they will know about it and I will receive proper medical treatment. For us, Road ID is not just a piece of gear…it's peace of mind."

Anyways, while I've always seen the value in such a product, I had never pulled the trigger on getting one. This changed over the Christmas holiday, as my sister from Texas got me one. Similar to the example below from the Road ID site, it has my name and emergency contact info, as well as blood type, allergy info, and the saying "Pain is Temporary."

My initial reaction was "cool, this is probably a good thing to have," and I told my sister "I hope I never have to use this, but thanks!"

After a minute of looking at it on my wrist, however, I realized that I would be "using" it every day I wore it as a source of inspiration. I pictured myself down in the aerobars and glancing down at it every so often, being reminded of my family and the fact that pain is temporary... get after it!!

I'm always looking for things to get me motivated & inspired, and sometimes they come in unexpected ways. Perfect gift, Ali... nailed it!

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