Friday, May 10, 2013

Fuji Norcom Straight Bike Review

Triple Threat Triathlon friend and professional triathlete Guilherme Ferreira Campos recently got a sneak peek at the revolutionary new Fuji Super Bike, the Norcom Straight, at a launch event in Boulder, CO. He was kind enough to share a report on what he saw behind the scenes. Thanks G!

My first impression is that it couldn’t be any better. The Norcom, which was created under the slogan “Fit Comes First,” took 3 years to be developed by Fuji’s Designer Steve Fairchild. The company had in mind the concept that triathletes need to combine aerodynamics with the best fit for their body type in order to achieve the maximum amount of power and efficiency on their ride without compromising their run leg afterwards. More than that, they wanted to create a frame/bike that could fit a super tall rider like Fuji’s own sponsored athlete Matty Reed or a small tiny rider such as a 5’1’’ woman. That being said, the Norcom comes in 5 sizes ranging from small (49cm) all the way to XL (57cm) with a 3D-forged integrated stem developed with their partner company Oval Concepts that brings even more adjustability to the frame through its 2 rise options +/- 8 degree or +/- 17 degree in 6 lengths increasing 1mm from 80mm to 130mm.

On the back end of the frame, the seatpost has a slick airfoil shape with an adjustment of 180mm in height with effective seat tube angles ranging from 74 degrees to 81 degrees achieved via the seat clamp adjustability.

One of the biggest and greatest new features of the frame is that comparing it to the already successful and very responsive D6 frameset (which I am currently riding), the Norcom is 20% stiffer on the front end and 26% on the bottom bracket, making it not only faster but giving more control and transfer of power to the rider.

Another great new feature is the adjustable vertical drop out , that makes it super convenient and a lot easier for the rider to change or take in/out the wheels. For a race day problem that’s a win-win situation! Besides that, the horizontal adjustability provides the option of getting the wheels closer to the frame, making it super aerodynamic!

The last feature I will talk about are the TRP aero brakes successfully hiden behind the forks. They provide outstanding breaking power and modulation, which also improves the rider performance and safety as poor modulation can lead to a sudden and complete stop of the bike while a good modulation achieves braking proportional to the pressure the rider applies to the brake levers.

Finally, the Norcom Straight comes in 5 options and colors, all mechanically and electronically compatible.

In case you missed it, check out our interview with G on his pursuit of the dream!

Matty Reed is all smiles

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