Monday, April 8, 2013

Giv'im the Kick!!

I’ve felt more worn out than usual the last couple days. I attribute this primarily to the accumulation of ramped up training over the past few weeks. I also feel like my body’s fighting off a little something. I’m not sick (at least yet) but I don’t feel 100%. As I type this, a nap sounds pretty good. Wishful thinking.

I was in bed before 10 last night and slept well, but still found it incredibly difficult to drag myself to the pool this morning. Upon being rudely awoken by my alarm clock, almost anything and everything sounded more appealing than swimming. Here’s a sample of such activities, literally the first 10 things that came to mind:

1) Licking sandpaper

2) Wrestling a bear

3) Changing 37 consecutive dirty diapers

4) Eating cottage cheese (it grosses me out)

5) Tickling an alligator’s belly

alright, let's get this over with

6) Listening to a Justin Bieber album all the way through

7) Drinking raw goat’s milk

8) Watching American Idol

9) Kissing a pig on the lips

10) Taking a punch from Manny Pacquiao

As I stumbled into the car, I found comfort remembering that getting to that point was half the battle. While driving I also told myself “Just get in the water. You don’t have to go all out today if you’re not feeling it, just get something in.” I liked this game plan.

Just get something in today.

I made my way through the locker room and out to the pool, where Coach Becky enthusiastically greeted me. “I hope you’re ready to go hard today.”


“Oh, and the water’s really cold... broken pilot light. We’re gonna go extra hard today to keep everyone warm.” 


Nevertheless I took the plunge, which as always was an effective wake up technique that in my mind goes something like this:

Becky wasn't lying... it was cold. Definitely wetsuit legal. That said, as is always the case, you feel a lot better once you get going. I felt ok after the initial shock, but at the end of the workout a girl in my lane commented that my hands and face were blue. Maybe I’ll start bringing my wetsuit just in case.

All in all, the verdict? Well worth it... I'm glad there weren't any pigs around in my moment of weakness.

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