Sunday, June 5, 2016

Marathon Breakdown: Runner's High to Legs of Stone

Ran the Jordan River Marathon, my first non-Ironman 26.2 since 2002. Small race, fantastic course... wish I felt fantastic the whole way. Here's a quick synopsis.

mile 1:  let's do this!

mile 2:  perfect day!

mile 3:  I love these trails

mile 4:  this is better than almost anything in the world

mile 5:  

mile 6:  1/4 of the way done already... this is a walk in the park!

mile 7:  minor hiccup. let's seize the next opportunity to dash in the woods and take a leak

mile 8:  roger that, mission accomplished

mile 9:  so high right now!

mile 10:  seriously, how has it been 14 years since my last road marathon?!?  I need to do these more often!

mile 11:  legs feel great

mile 12: (seeing my wife) "Linds, you gotta do this race next year, this course is awesome!"

mile 13:  right on my target pace, already halfway home!

mile 14:  hmmmmmmm................................................

mile 15:  ok.................... minor rough patch. let's regroup here

mile 16:  only 10 miles to go. wait a minute, seriously, a full 10 miles to go?!?

mile 17: this was supposed to be over easy!

mile 18:  come on let's hold the pace til mile 20... can you hold this pace for 2 measly miles?!?

mile 19:  legs.. slowly.. turning.. to.. stone

mile 20:      $&@$  #$(#^@&#(@     @$(^@#(&#$!($!#&$!

mile 21:  come on, dig!, this is mild compared to a few weeks ago

mile 22: "I shake hands with the pain. I shake hands with the pain. I shake hands with the pain."   (a favorite Chris McCormack quote)

mile 23:  (seeing my fam, smiling, but yelling out) "AGGGHHHHHHHHH"  "How you feeling?"  "Like I'm at mile 23 of a marathon."

mile 24:  

mile 25:  counting steps mode....

mile 26:  finish line, hallelujah! Just as planned, that was a piece of cake. I mean, I could eat an entire cake. Maybe we should get one.

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  1. Love this post!!! The videos just make it that much better. You're a beast.