Thursday, February 25, 2016

Have You Heard of Caeleb Dressel?

I admit I hadn't until Stewart Nixon (Colorado) brought him to our team's attention last week... with the Olympics fast approaching, I'm sure the world will soon be hearing a lot more!

Caeleb is a 19-year old University of Florida swimmer and Olympic hopeful who just recorded two eye-popping performances at the SEC Championships.

If you've ever been in a pool, you've most likely completed a 50-yard swim... down and back. About as simple as it gets. Here Caeleb swims the fastest down and back of all time in 18.23.

Down, back, down, back. For people off the street it could unfortunately be down, back, drown back, but for anyone who's ever swam, you've done many a 100 in your day. Here Caeleb shaves one hundredth of a second off the American record, dropping it to 41.07.

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