Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ironman Chattanooga Race Report - Chad Zeman

It was great to recently cheer on two teammates at Ironman Chattanooga. We'll hear from David Fernandez (Florida) soon, but for now here's an IMCHOO race report from Chad Zeman (North Carolina).

This race was no where on the radar since starting last December - my attention had been on Ironman Lake Placid. The training, the races, the workouts - all for Placid.

I had 9 weeks to train between Placid and CHOO. I've never done two in a year let alone two in essentially 2 months. After a light week of recovery, I was full into training again. I knew I could get in about 6 quality weeks of work - but, it's not always that easy. I spent 10 months training for Placid. That means 10 months of little to no weekends of "fun" for my wife and son. The race from Placid still affecting me mentally and trying to figure out nutrition. So I decided to approach this race much different than usual.

The goal for 2015 was to qualify for Kona - it was my last year in the 25-29 age group. I obsessed over the 2014 results from Placid. The "what do I need to bike to make up for my swim?", "how can I buy some minutes in transition", "how much do I need to bury myself on the run". For Chattanooga, I never looked. I knew from Placid I'd need to go around 10 hours to have a sniff at a chance, but I was going to do what I knew I could do. The goal was: swim 100% bi-laterally, pay attention to 10 second average power and NP on the bike and then just look at the HR on the run.

The 6 quality weeks leading up to the race, I focused on maintaining with little gains. I knew I had done enough long rides for IMLP that I focused on really doing 2 prior to CHOO. What was weird was I would be super motivated for CHOO one week, then have absolutely zero motivation to train the next - those were tough weeks! I did swims at lunch - nothing too long since Chattanooga has a down river swim. Run workouts were tempo based and some long runs including a 16 miler.

My typical week between IMLP and IMCHOO was as follows:  continue reading here!

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