Friday, April 12, 2013

Special Announcement II

Not long ago we made a special announcement regarding the Triple Threat Triathlon brand. The response has been phenomenal, and we thank you for your support! If you haven’t yet taken advantage, the TTT100 code has been extended and can still be applied at checkout for a nice little discount. 

Today we wanted to give a sneak peek of our tri kits, which are currently in production in northeastern Italy. Our objective with Triple Threat Triathlon is to provide a cool new brand along with the highest quality of materials and production. We therefore chose Italian fabrics as well as manufacturing over lower cost alternatives, and we’re excited to share them with triathletes everywhere.

Our initial order should be available within 3-4 weeks. These will go fast, so if you’re interested in reserving one please contact us.

Thanks again for supporting the blog and the Triple Threat Triathlon brand!

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