Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Giddy as a Schoolgirl

Nothing soothes the obsessive tendencies of the triathlete beast like the release of next year’s race schedule.  I love it.  There are four main race companies in my neck of the woods: RaceTri, USTriSports, BBSC, and TriUtah.  Two of them already have races scheduled and registration open, and TriUtah recently sent out the below email to keep the masses at bay:

“We know you're Type-A. We know you're a *little* OCD. We know you plan WAY in advance.
But, fear not TriUtah fanatics. We'll have a 2013 menu of events and registration open dates coming for you soon.” 

They’ve got me pegged.

The 4th company, who shall remain nameless, puts on great races but I’m not pleased with them at this time.  They’re teasing us.  As the tri geek that I am, I’ve created an excel file listing all races with dates, location, cost, etc, that I update as info rolls in.  I even have the number of participants from the prior year, which I believe officially qualifies me for the “disorder” category.  I currently have only locked in one race, the IMSG 70.3 in May.  The WTC gives you what feels like 10 minutes to get their initial discounted price, so I bit the bullet and signed up months ago.  Besides that, it’s fun to consider different options… I like to get a balance of races I’ve done previously in order to gauge performance vs. prior years (my disorder has a field day with this), while adding in new races to mix it up a little bit and see new places.  

I’m itchin’ to lock down my schedule, but want to see the full gamut of races first before I do.  I guess I just need to be a little patient….it is a virtue after all, right?

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