Friday, July 10, 2015

Ceramic Speed Review

Triple Threat friend and professional triathlete Guilherme Ferreira Campos wrote up these thoughts on gear that will make you faster from a company called Ceramic Speed. Thanks G!

Ceramic Speed Bearings, Pulley Wheels and UFO Chain

I recently upgraded a few components of my Cervelo P5 Tri Bike with Ceramic Speed parts. That is for sure, the simplest and easiest thing I could have done to save some watts and gain the so desired “free” speed. As athletes we wanna take the most advantage we can from our equipment, and while equipment and technology doesn’t buy you fitness or substitute those hard long miles in the saddle, the best and right equipment on top of solid training leads to a huge advantage on race day!

Ceramic Speed is a company based in Denmark, now sponsoring a few of the best pro triathletes in the business and also a couple of Pro Tour cycling teams. Their products have been tested by the fastest riders out there and below I will address why it is a “no brainer” investment for your bike.

First of all, Ceramic Speed has world class customer service and once you decide to upgrade your bike they will take care of all details for those parts to fit your BB, frameset and groupset.

They also just bought UltraFast Optimized, a company that coats chains, adding another upgrade to the race day arsenal that I will talk about by the end of the article.

The main benefits of having the whole upgrade are:
  • Save energy due to extremely low friction
  • Last 3-5 times longer than other bearings on the market
  • The lower rolling resistance increases your power transfer when pedaling
  • Increased top speed with improved power transfer
  • High performance bearings made with special quality CeramicSpeed balls

The Ceramic Speed upgrade can save from 6-9 watts when used with the UFO chain on race day, and according to the company up to 9 min on a 112mi Ironman bike! Eliminating friction plays a big role together with aerodynamics on a long course triathlon bike, allowing you not only to ride to your full potential, but also to run your best off the bike!

The UFO chain is supposed to be installed the day before the race, as it has a “lifetime” of about 200mi, used only in races!

The other parts you can leave on the bike and they have very good durability if you do regular maintainence on your bike, especially after wet rides or rain!

You can find full, detailed information at

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